Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Trusting the Cloud: Is This The Best Option for Backing up Data?

the-cloudIf we could over-exaggerate for a moment, we’d like to remind you that there are 300 different options to back up your data. Obviously not that many, but there are a lot. You’ve got cloud-based servers, external hard drives, backup programs, and manual back up options. While you’re looking at your options for your home or business you’ve got to think carefully: is this option the best for me?

Just because something seems easy doesn’t mean it’s right. You’ve got to ensure that you’re going to get the proper encryption and space for all the information you want to protect. One of the easier methods that are gaining a lot of traction is cloud-based back up services. Remember, there is a different between cloud storage and cloud backup. You need to be aware of all the issues surrounding both:

When you ask an average consumer or a small business owner if protecting or backing up data is important, chances are, almost all would say yes.

When you ask them how they are doing it now, responses vary. In a recent survey, one said "I store everything in my Gmail.” Another response: "We store all our data in our Google Drive or a Dropbox account.” When we dig deeper and ask them if they are protecting all or most of the data on their computer or just a few files or folders inside the sync folder, they realize they are not protecting most of their critical data.

We asked mobile users, too. Some said they use Facebook or Dropbox to back up their pictures. But is Facebook really the way to protect your mobile data? Does that backup your documents or contacts? Again, they realized the true picture once we started digging deeper.

We talked to some small business owners as well. Again, the typical response is "We use Dropbox," and when asked, "Does that protect your Outlook files or QuickBooks data, or your Exchange or SQL servers,” the reality sets in.

Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup

Dropbox and Google Drive are fantastic for what they are for. They are some of easiest, best designed cloud storage services. You can use them for storing, sharing, editing, and playing.

But when it comes to protecting your data, specialized backup services are the best. IDrive, for example, provides one of the most comprehensive solutions for backing up data on your PCs, Macs, servers, iPhones, Android and other mobile devices, and it is almost as easy to use as the general purpose cloud storage services.


You don’t want to play fast and loose with your data. If you are backing up client data from your business you also want to ensure that all the information you’re collecting and storing is protected to the best of your ability. Once you lose a customer’s trust you’ll have a very hard time getting it back. Save yourself the headache.

As you’ve read, cloud backup is actually pretty useful and easy to use. It’s a win-win situation that will allow you to relax; if only for a little bit.

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